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The DOJ and FTC are requesting feedback on merger guidelines from real people as opposed to corporations. The leaders of TakeMedicineBack believe that the DOJ and FTC are under-informed about consolidation of the healthcare system and the growth of private equity (PE) ownership in medicine. We believe that the voices of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants who feel that they have been exploited or placed in unfair clinical scenarios due to greed deserve to be heard by the FTC


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[I am a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant] practicing in [field] and am very concerned about corporate abuses and mergers placing patients at risk in my field. I went into this field to improve access for high-quality healthcare for disadvantaged communities. Medical school and residency can be cost-prohibitive for many people. I was not prepared to be thrust into an environment where I did not have enough time to provide meaningful care to patients or consult a physician when necessary. About 30 states have “independent practice” laws where an NP or PA can diagnose, treat, and prescribe without any supervision by a physician (MD or DO). Unfortunately, what I have seen, even in states requiring supervision, is that consolidated staffing groups, hospitals, private-equity backed groups, and even in government programs (VA, FQHC), result in us being overworked and not having adequate access to physicians for complicated cases. I feel that this is exploitative not only of us as practitioners, but is placing patients at risk in order to pad corporate profits. 


[If posting anonymously, consider explaining why you are posting anonymously. Do you fear retaliation from your specialty society? Your employer? Don’t be afraid to name names if you have been employed by a consolidated medical group; HCA, TeamHealth, Envision, USACs, etc. etc. The more personal your story is, the better. It can be brief!]