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Pay what you can to support the movement. Member benefiits are ongoing advocacy, with a growing number of resources and secure communication tools. 

Practicing Physicians and Dentists: $150 annually, quarterly, or monthly (you choose).

Trainees, Retirees, and Difficult Times: $30 Annually

Lifetime Membership: $3,000 

Your membership supports advocacy to take the profession of medicine back and is built to empower your voice to do the same.

Important: Your membership is to a private organization, Take Medicine Back, PBLLC, a Public Benefit LLC and is not organized as a tax-exempt organization. Talk to your accountant regarding tax-deductibility. 

Take Medicine Back Alliance: Membership for supporters, coming soon!

What if I Want to Stay Anonymous?

Take Medicine Back acutely recognizes that physicians face the very real possibility of physicians facing retaliation when standing up for their ethics and patients. For that matter, so does the Senate Committee on Homeland Security. While there are no guarantees in cyber-security, we are designing membership to both empower and protect physicians' anonymity to the best degree possible. 


Take Medicine Back embraces the use of pseudonyms - but with verification. 

You will need to sign up with your real, legal name and NPI in order to join. This information will remain private and never be sold. But verification is needed in order to develop community trust.

You will be you will be anonymous by default, and assigned a random username. You can then choose to rename your user ID to a pseudonym once (choose carefully!) OR decide to use your real name, being aware that no platform is 100% secure. 

If you have any concerns, then you are encouraged to begin by choosing a pseudonym and reclaim your identity when you are certain that benefits outweigh risks.

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