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Take Medicine Back began with Emergency physicians organizing to take emergency medicine back from corporate interests in 2019. Today, we are organizing the entire profession of medicine to take the our profession back, using the Corporate Practice of Medicine Doctrine as our north star.

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We know how to stretch a dollar, having an outsized influence on health policy at the state and federal level - all without corporate backing. We are an advocacy first and foremost. Please note that Take Medicine Back is a Public Benefit LLC and is actively forming a 501(c)3. Contributes are not tax deductible at this time. 

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Physicians: Sign the petition for the American Medical Association to seek federal legislation to prohibit the Corporate Practice of Medicine

IMPORTANT: Donations to change.org do NOT go to Take Medicine Back and may paradoxically harm the effort. Please contribute here instead and share the petition with your colleagues! 

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Support Due Process for Physicians: Stand with Ming Lin MD

Physicians' careers are routinely threatened by corporate interests when raising concerns about patient safety, such as hospitals under-staffing nurses, and healthcare workers resulting in dangerous conditions for patients. Support Dr. Ming Lin so that all physicians can speak out to protect patients and staff. 

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Support the ER Hero and Patient Safety Act

Write to your Senator and Congressmen Now: Support passage of the ER Hero and Patient Safety Act HR6910

Do you think corporations should be able to fire physicians without cause when raising patient safety concerns? Emergency physicians such as Dr. Lin were frontline physicians during the COVID pandemic. Despite being placed at extraordinary risk, emergency physicians, especially those employed by corporate staffing firms, were thanked by being fired without cause after raising safety concerns, or otherwise laid off while hospitals and corporate staffing firms received federal bailouts. Since COVID, an increasing percentage of hospital-based physicians, including hospitalists, radiologists, and anesthesiologists, are now outsourced to corporate staffing firms, putting them at similar risk of termination. The ER Hero and Patient Safety Act would require that due process rights be restored to physicians such as Dr. Lin who are employed by third party corporate staffing groups so that physicians can advocate for their patients and staff without fear of corporate retaliation. 

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